Meeting the needs of our local public and private schools is a serious business. Public Protective Services has
several officers that are trained and certified to protect these campus environments.

Campus Officers maybe armed or unarmed and in full uniform. Our officers are comfortable and confident working in
an educational environment and are capable of building a professional rapport with staff and students.

For those that subscribe to our services will have the added comfort of knowing our state certified officers are in
compliance with the senate bill 1626, which defines the training curriculum mandated for campus security personnel.
Adding our fast response service to a schools emergency preparedness and security plan, brings real meaning to
proactive and professional campus safety.
               We Provide
  • Campus Officer
  • Patrol Officer
  • Canine Officer
  • Traffic Enforcement
  • Before And After School Supervision
  • Extra Day time Supervision
  • Night & weekend Patrols

The mission of Public Protective Services Safe School Program is to assist students, teachers, administrators and
other staff in providing a safe and tranquil environment in which the educational process can take place.
Crime Prevention And Community Relations
Campus Safety Programs
Complaint And Occurrence Response
General Patrol Duties
Traffic Patrols And Enforcement
Bike Patrols
Safe-Walk Programs ( Safe Passage)
Training And Awareness Programs
Marked Patrol Units
Sports And Event Security
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