Patrol can deter criminal activity such as Burglary, Auto Theft, Vandalism, Loitering, Prowlers or Suspicious Activities.
Our patrol service is a custom made service package just for you. With our patrol service we will make a certain
number of patrol hit on your property. We can patrol your property around the clock or between certain hours that
you choose.

Our Patrol Services can be implemented for nearly any type of property. Our company operations are tailored
around Patrol and Response Services. Whether your property is gated or open with privately owned or public
streets, our Patrol Service can be utilized to enforce general laws, your property rules and regulations and for
response to disturbance and duress calls.

Patrol is a vital part of safety in our communities. Our officers patrol areas that local law enforcement cant easily
access. Areas such as apartment complexes and businesses that sometimes have restricted access.

Our officers patrol in marked and un-marked patrol vehicles to perform tasks on clients property which includes:
Looking for criminal activity, identify security issues, enforce not only property rules and regulations but local and
state laws, and any other tasks assigned by the Client.

With certain services clients are not limited on how many calls we can respond to. In addition to the specific number
of patrols throughout the day or night, we will respond to any type of security related call from disturbances to
keeping the peace.

Patrol is a cost effective service that allows Clients to have service when they need it the most. If you are looking for
service that does not require an officer to be posted on your property, patrol is probably right for you. Others that
need security officers on a large property or is located in a high crime area, we offer on site officers and officers with
patrol vehicles (dedicated patrol) as well.
Public Protective Services has a 24 hour dispatch center for our client's needs. Most criminal activity usually
occurs in the late night and very early morning. Our dispatch center is available to answer alls for services and
send officers to these calls during these crucial hours.

For clients that do not utilize or patrol services, our call for service program is an easy and flexible service to
have, " you call us when you need us". Just like you would call you local law enforcement for certain services
you would do the same with us.  We will respond within minutes no matter how low priority the call is.

  • Eliminate unnecessary police responses
  • Immediate response from our officers
  • Response of disturbances
  • Response to criminal or suspicious activities
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