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Most residential communities and businesses are at a constant battle for parking spaces. Many residents
and guests of a community or business take advantage of parking and ignore the rules that have been
put in place to ensure there is ample space available.

Our officers are versatile in the California Vehicle Codes pertaining to private  and public property regulations and
towing and are capable of "cleaning-up" your property from parking violators.

We work closely with local impound companies, parking enforcement and police agencies to help you and your
tenants or customers have a clean and safe parking experience.

We have our own universal violations notices that are issued to vehicles in lieu of a vehicle removal where directed by
our clients. Our notices are similar to those issued by parking enforcement agencies and are compatible for those
clients who have fines imposed such as Home Owners Associations.
Our database is able to store all vehicle and resident/tenat information for easy access. This assures that all vehicles
in violation of parking rules are verified before removal
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